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Hey everyone and happy Thursday!!! :3

Scrap Yard is excited that the end of April is approaching in 7 days because you know what that means……


We have had just a pawesome time making so many unique designs and working with all of you that we cannot wait to reopen and see all the new commissions and ideas :)

Commissions will reopen on Thursday, April 30th, 2020

To put in your submission, please go to our custom commission form located on our website starting on the 30th. The link is here:

(If you like a quote and idea on how much your hood will cost before we reopen on April 30th, you can request one from our website.) NOTE: REQUESTING A QUOTE BEFORE THE 30th DOES NOT COUNT AS A SUBMISSION. Submission requests for a commission will only count from the 30th and onward until we close.

Now with that being said…..*drum roll*

We are also very excited to announce that on the same day we reopen for commissions, April 30th, Scrap Yard Leather will be launching NEW PRODUCTS for purchase on our website!!!!

We are really excited to launch some new products for everyone as we continue to grow, expand, and also support our divers

e and inclusive community. We hope all our products help inspire you to express yourself and have fun! :)

Please stay tuned for updates and follow us on our social media platforms!!

*links to all our social media platforms are listed below


Website: (can opt to subscribe to emails on our website)

- The Scrap Yard Team (Pup Kona & Pup Scraps)

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