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Custom Hood Pricing Guide

*PLZ READ:  This pricing guide breakdown is to be used as a reference of the potential costs when commissioning a custom hood from us. Note that prices are always subject to change and with exception due to the high level of customization of our hoods. Each custom hood is unique in its own way, so prices from hood to hood can always vary.

Again, use this pricing guide as insight on what the potential rough cost of your custom hood design could be. 

Pricing Guide:

Avg starting price of a custom hood: $350.00 USD+

Shipping costs:

Standard shipping for US/Canada: $20.00

International: TBD (varies from countries)

$5.00 USD

  • Small details, spots, stripes, etc... 

  • Hair highlights (each)

  • Nose Ring

  • *Simple piercings (each)

    • *Complex piercings must be supplied by the commissioner​

  • Eyelet whiskers (both sides)

$10.00 USD

  • Large Details, spots, stripes, etc...

  • Lame/Bent ear (each)

  • Ear tipped front (each)

  • Ear tipped back (each)

$15.00 USD

  • Eye spots (each)

$20.00 USD

  • Muzzle Flare (both sides)

  • Simple scar (each section)

  • Fangs

  • Striped Whiskers (both sides)

$30.00 USD

  • Rectangular Muzzle Stripes (both sides)

  • Inner ear fluff (both sides)

  • Spotted whiskers (both sides)

  • Glasses Slots

$40.00 USD

  • Additional side cheek trim/fluff detail (both sides)

Head fur/tuff price range:

$50.00-$150.00 USD

Pattern work price range:

$30.00-$100 USD

Concept work price range:

$0.00-$100.00 USD

Horns price range:

$60.00-$200.00 USD

Embroidery price range:

$60.00-$100.00 USD

New species price range:

$50.00-$150.00 USD

Colours & Colour Amount:


Undetermined costs/factors:

  • Overall complexity of design

  • Features not done before or listed above

  • New types of add-ons and its overall complexity

  • Work hours 

  • Additional changes commissioner makes to the design

  • etc...


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