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Fully Custom Puppy/Pet/Furry Hoods

Welcome to our Fully Custom Puppy/Pet/Furry Hood

commission form page!!

Please check out our fully custom hood studio and community pages and scroll through the photos to check out all the pawesome custom designs from all over the world created with us to match their own unique pup/pet/furry personality!!

If you like to commission us for a fully custom puppy/pet/furry hood, please fill out our Fully Custom Hood Order Form on this page when we are open for commissions!!! :)

We look forward to working with you to make your puppy/pet/furry hood a reality! :D

*Note: Fully Custom Hood Commissioners can now additionally purchase a custom matching harness to go with their hood!! :D

Need Inspiration? 
Try out our new SYL Hood Creator!
It's great for making a variety of creative designs for our partial and fully custom commissioners!!! :D

Our Fully Custom Hood Form will be available on this page whenever we are open for custom commissions!

We open for fully custom hood commissions a few times a year and none of our slots are first come, first serve.


Getting a fully custom hood quote from us has changed, in that we no longer provide quotes while we are closed for commissions. We, however, provide you with a pricing guide, in the meantime, so that you can look over and reference the potential costs when commissioning a fully custom hood from us.

As always if you have any questions about the way we run fully custom hood commissions be sure to reach out to us on our contact page on our website! :)

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