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Scrap Yard Leather

Partial Custom Hoods

Build Your Own: Scrap Yard Leather Partial Custom Leather Hood

"Partial Custom: Use a series of pre-made templates with our hood creator to design and create your own unique partial custom hood that you will treasure forever!"

With so many different options, styles, and leather colours to choose from, you can make a hood that truly highlights your self-expression, uniqueness, and personality.

Once you have finished creating your own partial custom hood, you can purchase it right away from us!!! :D

Made from 100% authentic, high quality, real leather (other additional materials will be otherwise stated), it's soft on the skin and strong and sturdy in design. They are made with a lace backing, made to fit a variety of head sizes and fastening the hood securely your head. Great for moshing, playing, and picking up your favourite toy ;)

**All Partial Custom hoods are made to order and subject to our standard hood production times of 3-4 weeks**

Guide and Instructions on Making and Purchasing SYL Partial Custom Hood Orders

1. Review our pricing guide for all the options and features (Prices are in CAD) (*Note: International shipping costs will vary pending where you live outside North America)

            - Link Here:  



2. Look over our leather colour options! (you can only use the colours listed on this page)


3. Launch the SYL Partial Custom Hood creator and design away, awrooo!!!!

            - Link Here:

            - *Make sure to save and download your creation when you are done (there is an option for that on it)

            - **NOT all options in the hood creator work/pair together. We did the best we could in making the options that work together apparent and easy to spot while using it. If you ever have a question about your design, you are always welcome to ask when sending us your design.


4. Fill out the SYL Partial Custom Order Colour and Info Form.

            - Download here:


            - *Note this form also has a spot to put in all your necessary personal information along with instructions for measuring head size

5. Attached both your Hood Design and the Colour/Info Form to an email and send to

**Note: Please put in subject line “partial custom hood submission – Your Name”

***If you are submitting more than one design, send separate submission emails. This way no confusion on which hood is being referenced

6. Scrap Yard Leather Team will review your order and respond, along with the invoice for full payment. You then make the full payment for the invoice. (*Note: International shipping costs will vary pending where you live outside North America)


7. Scrap Yard Leather Team will wield their magic paws and make your order. We will contact you to confirm completion and shipping details before shipping out your hood.


8. Enjoy your new partial custom hood! We know it will be something you will treasure! ^ ^

SYL Partial Custom Leather Options:


Pet Play - Puppy Play - Scrap Yard Leather

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