Scraps is a self-taught Canadian artist, working professionally in his field since 2012, primarily under his furry pseudonym The Neverwolf. Here his work has been featured in Sofawolf’s long running Heat series and Kyell Gold’s novel, Ty Game. He began studying leathercraft  in 2018 when he couldn’t find any services that aligned with his personality and his wallet. It has since blossomed into a full-on obsession. When he’s not working on new products, he’s drawing, watching movies, playing games, drawing things from those movies and games, hanging with friends and learning new skills to further his future endeavours.

You can follow this endeavours on his twitter @TheNeverwolf



Pup Kona is the current producer of IPTC and on the board of IPAHW, past IPTC International Puppy 2015 and NW Puppy 2015, 2 time Pantheon of Leather award recipient, co-founder of the BLFC Puppy Summit Group, co-founded the 1st ever pup and Handler contest in AU (Australian Pup and Handler Competition), co-founder of Paw and Pounce Weekend, and contributing writer for the pupplay.info website. Pup Kona is a French Bulldog and leather pup currently residing in the country of Canada. He’s been working with non-profit charity organizations for over 15 years. Pup Kona currently works alongside Helping Paws, a local non-profit charity organization who helps charities and causes in the BC area through mascot performance entertainment. He is also the founder of PAHs without Borders, which focuses on promoting mentorship, support and conversations between pups and Handlers all around the world in the effort to give every pup/Handler a chance to grow, be heard and loved. Throughout his travels, he has reached out and visited various community groups all over the world, sharing his passion and teachings inside and outside of puppy play. Pup Kona is Alpha of his pack, Dogwood pack, a member of VAH-PAH, SEA-PAH, Sir Justin’s Kennel, member of Mama's family (Mama's Blue Puppy) and part of the furry fandom. You can follow him and his endeavours on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pup.kona and Twitter: @Pup_Kona