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VENDOR at the NIGHT MARKET At Further Confusion (FC) this Sat Jan 14th!

ATTN: We are excited to announce we will be at Further Confusion (FC) this weekend.

Now only that, but we're VENDING at The NIGHT MARKET on Sat, Jan 14th!!

We will be bringing lots of products to sell plus several NEW PRODUCTS😀

Come find us at the Night Market on Sat & check out all our amazing products and new wares!

We will have hoods, harnesses, shirts, stickers, flag strips, hats, and more... PLUS OVER 4 NEW PRODUCTS! 💙

Here is a sneak peek of one of our new shirts we are debuting at the FC convention!

Plz stop by, come say hi & support! :D

#scrapyardleather #scrapyardlthr

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