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Doberman and Rottweiler Stand Hoods Available Sept 30th

We know people have been asking for a while now when the Rottweiler and Doberman standard hoods would be available again for purchase.

With that being said, we are happy to let all of you know that they will be open again for purchase starting on September 30th, 2020!!! :D

Note that we only take so many standard hoods requests per design, so mark your calendars if you like to grab one of those hoods when they reopen.

Special shout out to Pup Kase, whose partnership and amazing leather & dyeing skills and talent got us the perfect tan leather we needed for our Rottweiler and Doberman hoods!

Pup Kase is very talented, showcasing his works on his Etsy shop and Instagram! Go check it out!

#scrapyardleather #scrapyardlthr

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